Why Woodbrowser?

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1. Who does Woodbrowser sell lumber to?

A. Woodbrowser is a transparent business to business trading platform that creates a direct partnership between large quantity purchasers and suppliers of lumber and panels. We offer the only industry specific quoting tool, SNAP quote, and the industry’s only real-time search engine for mill inventories priced delivered.  Woodbrowser ships via truck and railcar and can fulfill order sizes ranging from half a truck to multiple trucks and carloads. We are not a distributor (i.e. we sell directly from mills and suppliers). Woodbrowser does not sell to home owners or contractors, and typically works with retail lumber yards, modular and prefab manufacturers, exporters, large developers, truss manufacturers, and many other large re-manufacturers.

2. How does Woodbrowser differ from the current lumber broker process?

A. Woodbrowser offers a flat-fee, transparent trading option that provides direct pricing from the mills and suppliers that our buyers request pricing from. Woodbrowser charges a straight fee of 2% per mbf. With a flat-fee approach, Woodbrowser’s only goal is to find our buyers the best products available at the best price. Our approach is similar to a buying groups, but without the upfront costs associated with those memberships.

3. How do I purchase or sell through Woodbrowser?

A. Visit Woodbrowser.com to sign up for a buying or selling account. We communicate with our buyers and sellers via our online platform, phone and email. Woodbrowser provides two avenues for purchasing and selling lumber:

1. SNAP Quotes- For those buyers interested in online purchasing and quoting, Woodbrowser offers buyers with a industry leading organization and quoting tool to purchase lumber and panels through SNAP Quotes. Buyers relay their product needs, the mills and brokers they prefer, and Woodbrowser provides a open and transparent platform for sellers to compete. Pricing can return in as fast as 15 minutes from our partner suppliers.

2. Mill Inventory Listings- Woodbrowser provides the only current mill inventory search engine in the industry.  Buyers can view delivered pricing directly from over 250 mills and growing. Purchasers can also opt to receive “Rough Cut”, our daily inventory offering of deals that match a purchasers typical products purchased.

4. How much does Woodbrowser charge when purchasing or selling lumber?

A. Woodbrowser charges a straight fee of 2% per mbf per transaction.

5. Does Woodbrowser handle logistics and financing?A. Yes, Woodbrowser handles payment to the supplier and extends terms to our buyers, as well as managing and arranging all freight services when a mill is not handling delivery directly.

7. How quickly can I get lumber through Woodbrowser?

A. If a mill has the product on the ground, Woodbrowser can get the lumber to our buyers in the same week. We can also schedule delivery for as far out as the mills will allow.